Research. Policy. Communications.

Pleased to be a part of Osborne Interim Management. OIM provides high level executives to companies on a short-term basis when they’re experiencing challenges during periods of transition, crisis, rapid growth or economic uncertainty. Our interim managers temporarily fill gaps where senior executive skills are lacking, bring specialized and valuable leadership to the organizations, are accountable for their work, produce tangible results and leave the organization once the issue has been resolved, a full-time executive is in place and/or the project is completed.

Your needs require experience, knowledge, creativity and practical solutions.  I want to help you find the best solution to the challenges facing your non-profit, charity or corporation.

With over 30 years’ experience in municipal, provincial and federal governments,  there are success stories to build on and pitfalls that can be avoided.  Let’s work together to build on your successes.

Be it research writing, policy development, media monitoring, crafting a communication plan, fundraising or team building, I want to work with you and your team to find the right plan.